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The Original 5x Magnifying Mirrors

proudly made in U.S.A.                   Super Vision Without Glasses

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Closing business June 30, 2016.

We are out of stock for all mirrors.

Thank you for your support of Magic Focus mirrors for the past 46 years!

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Stock #TO600  5x Magnification Two Option Mirror


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Stock #BE202 5x Magnification Vanity Mirror

Stock #MF201 5x Magnification Compact Mirror

Stock #SO400 4" 5x Magnification Stick-On Mirror

Stock #LS660 6" 5X Magnification Stick-On Mirror

Stock #TO600

Stock #BE202

Stock #MF201

Stock #SO400

Stock #LS660

The Original 5x Magnifying Mirror since 1970.  Made in the USA.   These optically perfect acrylic mirrors eliminate the need to wear glasses or contact lenses when applying makeup or doing facial grooming because they focus without distortion.  These 5x magnification mirrors were designed by a doctor in response to his patients' needs.

This 3x magnification mirror is for those people who do not require the powerful magnification of the big eyes® mirrors.

                                                          Stock #FS 550 Travel Mirror 3x Maginifaction                         

                                                         Stock #FS550              

Magic Focus® big eyes®  mirrors can also be ordered by calling 316-775-2251.   To order online  Click here!

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